4267-1 Azumi, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture


4267-1 Azumi, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture


Price guide


Accommodation fee

3 Japanese-style rooms (1 room for 1 to 4 people), 1 Japanese-style room (1 room for 1 to 2 people)

1 night with 2 meals (including consumption tax and bathing tax for adults only)
Adult ¥9,500, Child ¥7,150, Infant ¥4,950/per person

One night only breakfast (consumption tax, adults only bathing tax included)
Adult ¥7,300, Child ¥5,500, Infant ¥3,300 / person

*A heating fee of 500 yen is charged in April, May, October, and November, and 800 yen from December to March.
※Payment method Cash・PayPay.
※A 2,200 yen surcharge, including tax, will be added to the room rate for single occupancy.
※Free Wi-Fi in all rooms
※English and Spanish available

Cancellation Policy

7 to 2 days prior to arrival 20%.
1 day prior to arrival 50%.
100% on the day of arrival.

Suzuran no Yu

A simple hot spring that gushes out from the Norikura Plateau. It is colorless and transparent and contains a lot of bicarbonate ions, keeping you warm. Since there is little stimulation, you can relax and heal the fatigue of everyday life.

Suzuran Onsen has a lot of iron in it, so it may be reddish brown by the action of iron , but it is normally colorless and transparent.

Available 3:00pm - 10:00pm & 6:30am - 9:00am

* You can use the large bath (3 people) and the small bath (1 person).
*Reservations are required for bathing in the afternoon.
*Please use the reservation board in front of the bathroom on the 1st floor.
*Shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are available.

"Suzuran Onsen" details

・ Hot springs in the Suzuran area
・ Open hot spring: hot spring bowling in 1995. Born in 1996 (Heisei 8).
・ Hot spring temperature: 38.8℃
・ Spring quality: Simple hydrogen spring (neutral hypotonic hot spring source)
・ Efficacy: neurosis, muscle pain, joint pain, stiff shoulders, motor paralysis, stiff joints, bruises, etc.
・ About 15 hot spring facilities

Spend a happy moment with Costa Rican coffee after breakfast


Yagura coffee uses 100% Del Valle coffee from Costa Rica, Central America.

Del Valle coffee is traded on a fair trade basis, and in addition to supporting local small-scale farmers, it is also used to support the activities of the Morpho Center, an independent living center for persons with disabilities in the country.

Feel the scent of Latin with a mild taste, rich coffee without acidity.

Suzume no Yado Yagura exterior and interior

Cuisine of Suzume no Yado Yagura