4267-1 Azumi, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture


4267-1 Azumi, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture


Highlights of Norikura Kogen

For visitors to Norikura Kogen ~ This is the charm! ~



  • Rich nature

    Although it is located in a mountainous area at the foot of Mt. Norikura (elevation 1200m to 1800m) at an altitude of 3026m, it is the Alps where people have lived since ancient times.

  • Full of local gourmet!

    Norikura Kogen is a treasure trove of mountain delicacies. You can enjoy healthy gourmet dishes such as seasonal vegetables and soba noodles (Shinshu soba), as well as nationally-famous wild vegetable dishes.

  • Hot spring

    Norikura is truly a "hot spring village" with three hot spring sources: "Norikura Kogen Onsen", "Suzuran Onsen", and "Azumi Norikura Onsen". Suzuran Onsen that Yagura draws is a colorless and transparent simple hot spring, but please enjoy the milky white simple sulfur hot spring at Yukemurikan. Discount coupons for accommodations are available.

  • Comfortable access

    Access to Norikura Kogen can be reached in less than an hour from the nearest high-speed IC, as the road has been improved in recent years. You can also easily and comfortably use trains and buses.

  • Spring

    Around the end of April, edible wild plants emerge from the ground and skunk cabbage begins to bloom. In May, the fresh greenery of the season begins, and if you head to Mt. Norikura on the Haruyama Bus, you can also enjoy spring skiing and the snow corridor.

  • Summer

    Summer in Norikura Kogen is the season to enjoy various activities. It is popular for trekking, cycling, and strolling through the flower fields at Tatamidaira. You can also worship the sunrise and enjoy climbing 3000m class.

  • Autumn

    The autumn foliage season is the season when the Norikura Kogen becomes the most colorful of the year. From near the summit of Mt. Norikura, the autumn leaves front gradually runs down the surface of the mountain. You can enjoy changing autumn leaves from mid-September to early November.

  • Winter

    Norikura Kogen is also famous as one of the most popular places in Japan for winter sports. The high altitude and inland topography create the highest quality snow, and you can enjoy powder snow until early spring.

Nature walk around Norikura Kogen

Sanbon Falls

Zengoro Waterfall

Bandokoro Otaki Waterfall

Ushidome Pond

Ichinose Garden

Tatami flat

climbing and cycling


Norikura Echo Line

Tatami flat



Matsumoto City and Surrounding Sightseeing Spots

Matsumoto Castle


Daio Wasabi Farm

Chihiro Iwasaki Museum of Art

Matsumoto City Museum of Art

Former Kaichi School Building