4267-1 Azumi, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture


4267-1 Azumi, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture



We've put together a list of questions we've received from everyone


"Suzume no Yado Yagura" would like everyone who comes to use it comfortably. For that reason, we would appreciate it if you could read it in advance before using our hotel.

Can I smoke inside the hotel? Do you have non-smoking rooms?

Smoking is prohibited in the entire building as a measure to prevent passive smoking.

Is there an elevator in the hotel?

The hotel does not have an elevator.

Need studless tires?

In winter, please be sure to install studless tires or prepare tire chains.
It rarely snows during Golden Week. please note.

Where is the parking lot? Is it free?

Parking is available on the premises of the hotel and is free of charge. The parking lot is located in front of the entrance on the right side.

Is it possible to store my luggage?

We will keep it for you.
Please ask the staff.

Can I change clothes before check-in?

You can use the changing room in the bathhouse.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask our staff.

Can I check in early?

Standard check-in is at 3pm, but early check-in is possible if rooms are available.
Please ask the staff for availability on the day.

Are the toilets and washrooms shared?

Toilets, washrooms and bathrooms are shared.
Paper towels and alcohol are provided in the washroom.

What amenities are provided?

Bath towels and face towels are provided, but toothbrushes and yukata are not available, so please bring your own.
There is a hair dryer in the washroom.

Is internet available?

If you bring your own equipment such as a computer, you can use it in your room or hall. It will be connected by wireless LAN.
We do not lend equipment, so please bring your own computer, LAN card, etc.

Are there convenience stores or ATMs near the inn?

For the nearest convenience store, you need to go back to Shin-Shimashima Station (about 40 minutes from the hotel), so we recommend that you use it before visiting the hotel.

Is it okay for foreign travelers?

The owner can have daily conversations in English and Spanish, so please feel free to visit us.