4267-1 Azumi, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture


4267-1 Azumi, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture


Norikura Recommended Activities

Norikura where you can surely find what you want to do

Norikura Kogen spreads out at the foot of the 3,000m class majestic Mt. Norikura. The difference in elevation between these two areas and the contrasting colors of each season make it possible for everyone from children to adults to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.

Norikura 3 waterfall tour

Sanbontaki, Zengoro Falls, and Bandokoro Otaki. There are many attractions in Norikura Kogen, but how about visiting three waterfalls called Norikura Santaki It is the perfect place to casually enjoy the rich nature of Norikura.

Sanbon Falls

Zengoro Waterfall

Bandokoro Otaki Waterfall

・Sanbon Falls
Sanbon Falls is a general term for three waterfalls, and Kurosawa Falls slides down on the black lava on the right side. Honzawa Falls is the one that falls gracefully down the brown rocky surface on the left. As it is the main waterfall of Koono River, it has the most water volume and is powerful. You can't see it in the picture, but there is another waterfall on the left side, called Mumeisawa no Taki.

・Zengoro Falls
Zengoro Falls, located at an altitude of about 1500m, is a neat waterfall with a drop of 22m and a width of about 8m. The view from Takimidai is picturesque with Mt. Norikura in the background. Also, because it faces the east, a beautiful rainbow often appears when the morning sun hits it.

・Bandokoro Otaki
This waterfall is characterized by a complicated slide down over a rugged rock wall with a drop of 40m and a width of 15m. The waterfall looks down from the upper observatory, but the flow is so violent that water splashes up to here.

Norikura mountain climbing and hill climbing

Norikura is a volcanic mountain consisting of 23 peaks, 7 lakes, and 8 plains, including the 3,026m main peak, Kengamine. is worth a visit.
Located at the southern end of the Northern Alps, it is a popular mountain that has been selected as one of Japan's 100 famous mountains.
It has been an object of worship since ancient times, and the inner shrine of Norikura Jingu Shrine is built at the summit.

"Mountain Cycling in Norikura" started in 1986 with Mt. Norikura as the venue. The Tour de Utsukushigahara Highland Bicycle Race started in 2000 at Utsukushigahara, east of Matsumoto City. Both are bicycle hill climb races held with the support of cyclists, and the two bicycle hill climb races held in the same city of Matsumoto are called the "Matsumoto Hill Climb."

Of course, you can also challenge the Tatamidaira Hill Climb on days other than the race day. Norikura is popular with hill climbers from July to October, when the Echo Line is fully open.​

Norikuradake Haruyama Bus Snow Corridor

From the end of April to the middle of June, when the highlands have completely changed to spring, the "Snow Corridor" is a special experience where you can enjoy the remaining snow on Mt. Norikura. When you get on the Haruyama Bus and get off at the bus stop toward the Snow Corridor, you will feel as if you have stepped back into winter, surrounded by the cool air and towering walls of snow. The natural contrast between the white snow and the blue sky will make you excited and excited.

Norikuradake Haruyama Bus operates in early spring when spring has arrived in the highlands, but snow still remains on the mountains.

To see the snow corridor
Norikuradake Haruyama Bus End of April to June
To Kuraigahara Sanso or Daisekkei/Katanokoyaguchi

Tatamidaira flower garden walk

The flower garden of Mt. Norikura is located at an altitude of 2700m called Tatamidaira, which is also the highest point in Japan that can be reached by shuttle bus. It is also located within walking distance from the sunrise point. Commonly known as the “flower garden in the sky,” this is a national park rich in nature with alpine plants in full bloom. If you look at it from the well-maintained promenade, you can enjoy the wildflowers blooming pretty here and there.


・The starting point is Tatamidaira, the highest point in Japan that can be reached by shuttle bus at 2702m.
・The treasure trove of alpine plants and the flower garden are the biggest highlights. July-August is the best season.
・Superb view course aiming at the summit of Mt.Fujimi. It's a high altitude, so pay attention to your clothes and physical strength before climbing.

The Tatamidaira flower garden
Norikura Tatamidaira Shuttle Bus July-October

※The Norikura Skyline and Norikura Echo Line heading for Tatamidaira require a transfer to a shuttle bus due to private car restrictions.

Norikura Kogen Trails

The Norikura Plateau has beautiful natural topography and diverse vegetation brought about by past volcanic activity.
The unique charm of this place is that everyone can enjoy its rich nature.

Norikura Kogen Trails has a trekking course and a mountain bike course.
It is a course where you can fully enjoy the best part of Norikura while walking or cycling.

Adventure park and mallet golf at Norikura BASE

Norikura BASE, located at an altitude of 1370 meters overlooking the Northern Alps and Mt. Norikura, It is a facility with hands-on activities and a campsite.
You can enjoy activities such as thrilling adventure park & kids adventure, mountain biking, and mallet golf.

Looking up at the starry sky at an altitude of 1500m

The place where Suzume no Yado Yagura is located is about 1500m above sea level. The scenery of the mountains spreads out nearby, and the clear air, close to the sky, and the low light location make it the perfect place to enjoy the stars. When the weather is fine, it fills up the sky, and the word “full starry sky” will surely fill the hearts of those who see it.